Commercial Use

Discada Commercial Grills for Outdoor Entertaining.

Whether you’re a professional caterer looking to establish a new market, or a backyard chef entertaining your friends and family, our Double Burner plow disc cooker is perfect for your commercial outdoor cooking needs. Our equipment is specially designed to deliver large quantities of you or your clients’ Southwest favorites – along with backyard standbys – hot, fresh, and fast.

Our Double Burner cooker is totally unique in the catering industry, and is perfect for family reunions, golf outings, or corporate executive retreats – anywhere that onsite cooking is a must.

The Discada Grilling System is the most versatile commercial outdoor cooking equipment available.

When you’re cooking for a crowd, you need the adaptability that discada commercial grills offer the outdoor cook. The Discada Grilling System is more versatile and efficient than standard commercial grills for outdoor entertaining. Southwest favorites like fajitas, carne asada and chili are a snap; southern backyard favorites like shrimp or crawfish boils are just as easy; even health-conscious stir fries can be easily prepared for a crowd in the backyard or poolside – they don’t call it a cowboy wok for nothing.

The combination of our unique burner system and the concave shape of the kiln-fired disc gives you unprecedented temperature control, allowing you to drain fat and grease away for healthier, tastier food.

The ideal piece of commercial outdoor cooking equipment.

Thanks to our innovative table design, it’s easy to switch out discs, giving you the option of continuous cooking for the duration of your party. Switching out a disc for the integrated boiling pot makes Cocina’s commercial outdoor cooking equipment even more versatile, allowing you to make soups, stews, and chili.

Add oil to the disc, and deep fried delicacies like onion rings, calamari, or oysters are a snap to whip up, right on the grill.

Combine our double burner model with one or more single burner style discadas to cater a traditional Mexican or Southwestern fiesta, with separate stations, like a taco station with meat and fresh tortillas, a soup station featuring our integrated pot, and a breakfast burrito station with scrambled eggs and chorizo.