Caring For Your Discada Cooking System

Unlike traditional plow disc cooking tools, your discada cooking system is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Season your disc – Your discada cooking disc arrives pre-seasoned, but to maintain a nonstick cooking surface, follow cooking tips and practices outlined on our recipes page. Like a cast iron skillet, more you use it, the easier is to cook with and clean your plow disc.
  • Cooking with your discada – Like a heavy wok, your disc is designed to get very hot. But remember that if the surface is too hot, food will burn and stick to the surface.
  • Cleaning your disc – If you’re familiar with plow disc cooking, you know that cleanup can sometimes be difficult. Not so with your new Discada Grilling System. Prior to cleaning it with hot water, remove any build up on the grill by adding oil to the disc, heating it, and scraping it with a wooden spatula. In some instances this process, followed by a wipedown will be sufficient. Dry your disc thoroughly to avoid rusting.
  • Storing your Discada Grilling System – Cover and store your Discada Grilling System outside in a dry location.
  • Before you light up – Spray a bit of soapy water over the hose connections of your Discada Grilling System, and open the valve to check for gas leaks. If you see bubbles, you have a leak.

View our how-to-videos and download our Use and Care Guide for more tips, tricks, and discada cooking recipes.

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