Our Quality

Cocina Outdoor Cookers

Our outdoor gas cookers are designed and built to make it easy and fun for you to prepare authentic Southwestern specialties like tripas and carnitas, as well as heart-healthy stir fries, soups, stews and boiled crawfish, or deep fried delicacies like jalapeno fried chicken or onion rings.

The heart of a plow disc outdoor gas cooker is the disc itself.

We start with a precision-forged, kiln-fired steel disc. Each one is manufactured to our precise specifications, so it gets hotter faster, stays hot longer and provides consistent, predictable heat distribution. And once seasoned, our discadas are non-stick and easy to clean.

We’ve designed and perfected the safest, quickest lighting, most efficient and precise burner system for outdoor cookers on the market.

Finally, we combined the disc and the burners with an elegant, inviting table, perfect for prep work or socializing. With clean, modern lines, the highest-grade materials, and an oil-rubbed finish, your table has a timeless look that will impress for years. Our outdoor gas cooker comes with a louvered table top and heat deflectors to keep the table cool enough for your friends and family to gather round and keep the cook company.