A Brief History of Plow Disk Cookers

For many years, plow disk cookers were actually manufactured with used disks from plows. The shaft hole of the used disk was welded closed, and handles welded to the edge. Then ranch hands would build a wood fire, stack rocks around it to balance the disk, and gather the crew for cold beers, great food and good company.

A tradition of plow disk cooking and entertaining thrived in South Texas and Northern Mexico, and a few companies marketed their own versions. But only today, with the introduction of Cocina Outdoors’ Discada Grilling System, has a commercially available plow disk cooker honored the tradition of plow disk cooking and met the needs of contemporary outdoor cooks.

Plow Disk Cooking Comes of Age with The Discada Grilling System

With a background in South Texas ranching, Cocina Outdoors co-founder Kincaid Light was familiar with the incredible flavors of plow disk cooking. He also knew that previous attempts to manufacture plow disk cookers had failed to produce a great product.

Kincaid asked one of his ranch employees to make him a discada, and began refining the product – adding a beautiful, custom-built table, finding a better grade of steel for the cooking surface, developing and patenting a quieter, more efficient version of the standard burner.

Eventually Kincaid co-founded Cocina Outdoors along with his friend Herb Radicke. Together, they developed three versions of our plow disk cookers – the original Single Burner model, the Portable Tripod-mounted, and the commercial grade Double Burner – high quality, lifetime products meant to provide decades of great food and fun for ranch owners, backyarders, poolsiders, tailgaters, and caterers.

As a family-owned company, based in Texas, we’re committed to helping you and your loved ones enjoy the old Southwest tradition of plow disk cooking. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or comments about using your Discada Grilling System, the care and maintenance of the burners or the disk itself, or for mouth-watering traditional and contemporary recipes and ideas for entertaining with your plow disk cooker.